Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I have recently had the frustrating experience of receiving a letter from a literary agent to the tune of:

Your manuscript is one of the best queries I have received to date. The characters are well defined and I immediately related to them and became lost in the tale. Brilliant work. I believe you have a very good chance of obtaining a publisher for this. Having said that, I feel that our agency would be unable to assist you at this time – in large part because I believe you are already doing a fantastic job of forwarding and promoting the manuscript yourself.

WTF, right? I mean, okay, yeah it is better to receive that response, than the usual “thanks but no thanks” rejection letter. But seriously… to get so close but still be so far away is FRUSTRATING!

My aim with this blog is to post helpful and easy tips to take your writing from good, to great! To boost your confidence as a writer. To make agents and publishers grip your manuscript with white-knuckles rather than dropping it onto the dreaded slush pile. And to allow you to experience the frustration of being told: “You are brilliant, but…”

So, thanks for stopping by, and let’s get to work on improving your writing…

About MH Salter

Melanie Hyland Salter is the author of Doorways, A Rose By Any Other Name, and the popular Freedom Series - the first instalment, Dove, being shortlisted for the Impress Prize for New Writers 2013. Her fast-paced fiction, and high-tension plotlines play with imagery, metaphor, and poetic rhythm to create passages that flashbulb in the reader’s mind, while her moral themes encourage readers to question the way they live and appreciate what they have. The short stories in this anthology have won first prize, been published in Dark Edifice, and were Highly Commended by the Australian Community Writers Inc and NYC Midnight's Short Story Challenge 2014. Melanie holds a BA in Writing, and a Diploma of Professional Writing. With a loving husband, who happily takes care of the household so she can write, Melanie lives in Adelaide with her three kids, two dogs, an army of cats, and a sheep named Harry Potter.
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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Can’t wait to read more of your journey

  2. That would be a hard letter to swallow. Good luck with the blog!

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