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Melanie Hyland Salter is the author of Doorways, A Rose By Any Other Name, and the popular Freedom Series - the first instalment, Dove, being shortlisted for the Impress Prize for New Writers 2013. Her fast-paced fiction, and high-tension plotlines play with imagery, metaphor, and poetic rhythm to create passages that flashbulb in the reader’s mind, while her moral themes encourage readers to question the way they live and appreciate what they have. The short stories in this anthology have won first prize, been published in Dark Edifice, and were Highly Commended by the Australian Community Writers Inc and NYC Midnight's Short Story Challenge 2014. Melanie holds a BA in Writing, and a Diploma of Professional Writing. With a loving husband, who happily takes care of the household so she can write, Melanie lives in Adelaide with her three kids, two dogs, an army of cats, and a sheep named Harry Potter.

Block Writers Block #1

Writer’s Block. When you can’t quite think of… um… huh? In my opinion, writers block is not seeing the forest for the trees – or not seeing the manuscript for the words. It is a giant, metaphorical, hardback book plopped down right … Continue reading

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How To Create Memorable Characters: Depth

In order to give your character depth, to take them from a two-dimensional paper cut-out to a three-dimensional literary being is conflict… No, it’s not… Yes, it is! Conflict is that pulling and tugging, that to-ing and fro-ing, that back … Continue reading

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Hello, and welcome to my blog! I have recently had the frustrating experience of receiving a letter from a literary agent to the tune of: Your manuscript is one of the best queries I have received to date. The characters … Continue reading

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How To Create Memorable Characters: Description

Nobody wants to read about flat, two-dimensional characters. Over this blog, I will discuss the main aspects of great characterisation, and using an example from my novel, Dove, I will give quick, easy steps to ensure your characters will sit … Continue reading

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